In 1985, Mr. Carlos Slim Helu was honored with the Medal of Honor to Merit Business of the National Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City.

“Talking about courage, he was ahead of all the others”

It is a man who initiates from the most difficult, rough and abrupt position the course to the top of the hill, with no other force than his faith, with no other ally than his talent, his courage and determination, and with no other objective than to create the path for the others who will construct with him the opportunities, the hopes and realities of the future.

In his already productive life, no challenge has been considered alien foreign to him; in the adversity of circumstances he rooted his capital resources in Mexico. When others are afraid, he risks and take the chance, he runs, when others hesitate he is confident, when a few are weakened, he grows.

Moreover, when the winds announce the storm, he takes the helm to show the ones who are on board with him that it is possible to overcome the difficulties. And he manages to make them believe, he manages to make them to take the chances, to struggle, and finally, without considering the time, he manages to make them to be ready and get on board to run the risk of a new adventure.

This is the way he succeed, the success of sowing the seed of confidence in the consciousness. The success to believe in Mexico and grow up with it. The success to gather people with good will for new purposes and projects. The success to make up a new generation of entrepreneurs which emerges in the crisis, with the crisis, establishing a living example of decisiveness, determination, and firmness.

The decision to be superior to the obstacles: the force of will to rapidly climb the steps without being dizzy and the solid character which only knows the way to create and progress. Today, the man who at his early 19 was already a professor at a university, and when he was only 25 he was the president of the Stock Market and later on he became a corporate leader, he associates his name in each and every area of the economical activity of our country such as industry, commerce, insurances, services, finances…

Today, his name reveals reliability, assurance, and confidence for the private investors in Mexico.

Cornelius Tacitus, Hannibal’s biographer, would have said about him the same phrase he wrote about Hannibal: “talking about courage, he was ahead of all the others”

The National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City recognizes in him the merit of the businessman who is able to become a leader of faith and confidence when the adversity prompts the discouragement. The merit of confronting the risks and transform them into challenges. The merit of being the one who teaches and at the same time being the model to follow, of what you can represent to Mexico.


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