José Pagés Llergo Foundation did award Mr. Carlos Slim the “Paz y Democracia” Prize in Investment and Development category.
April 18, 2012.

Journalist Beatriz Pagés, president of José Pagés Llergo Foundation, bestowed Mr. Carlos Slim, who said that, in spite of burdensome economic global context, Mexico has, as in past misused opportunities, great possibilities of attaining steady and sustainable growth and development.

“The only way of attaining steady and accelerated growth is by having strong economic activity, creating both many temporary and permanent job posts and increasing domestic wealth by means of big investment; in order to grow about 5% or 6%, you should invest substantial capital, about 250,000 million dollars each single year, having laws and regulations in support of both public and private investment”, Mr. Slim explained.

The “Paz y Democracia” prize is bestowed to persons performing outstanding works in journalistic, cultural, scholarly, political and social areas in support of law-abiding culture. 


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