1. What were Grupo Carso's initial activities?

Let me highlight several important things.  It is surprising and may seem strange that so many different activities were carried out, namely: bottling soft drinks; construction, housing sales, brokerage house, stone slabs, growing flowers for export, printing, production and sale of cigarettes, flexible packaging as is manufactured, bicycles, copper, ceramics, tires, paper, capital goods, cellulose, bond paper, sweets, Hershey’s chocolate plant, called Nacional de Dulces, but it is Luxus and Nacional de Dulces; Sanborns, mining, hydrochloric acid, hotels; and also the collection of what today is Museo Soumaya. This was frankly a very important activity, although quite diverse,.

This first stage covers 26 years.  These were very important years for the creation of human capital, and this human capital can compete with the best one in the world.  And it has definitively proven it is a great human capital.

The group’s work philosophy was also created in these first years.

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