This section includes statements made by Mr. Carlos Slim Helú when basically he answers the most frequently asked questions in the national and foreign media.

  1. What were Grupo Carso's initial activities?

  2. Why did you and your group start buying so many companies during the 1982 crisis?

  3. Could you give us some examples of the value of companies at the beginning of the 80s?

  4. What do you think is the basis for the success of your companies?

  5. Is it true that Carlos Salinas de Gortari sold Telmex to you in exchange for a favor?

  6. Prior to 1990, before the privatization, why were users forced to buy Telmex shares?

  7. How was Telmex privatized?

  8. What percentage gave the winner group Telmex's control? Which was the initial stock scheme of the three buying companies?

  9. Did all those stockholders meet to choose an administrator?

  10. During the privatization process, was there ever a possibility to sell a division of the company, to sell a segmented network?


  11. Was local service opened to competition prior to long distance?

  12. Based on its Concession Title, may Telmex carry video in its network?

  13. Did Telmex’s limitations to participate in Television affect the price paid when it was privatized?

  14. What has been the evolution of Telmex's stock value after the privatization?

  15. Were employees trained after the privatization and during the modernization of Telmex?

  16. How are the public finances of the company kept sound?

  17. How has competition impacted Telmex?

  18. How has competition been with Telefónica?

  19. Has Telmex tried to enter and compete in Spain?

  20. What has been the evolution of Telcel/América Móvil?


  21. What were the market conditions when Telmex and América Móvil’s internationalization begin’

  22. For example, what are the new technologies that are being studied for rural telephony?

  23. Sometimes it is said that Telmex charges the highest rates in the world, what do you think about this?

  24. Is Telmex going to do something about the delay in enforcing the Convergence Agreement?

  25. What does Telmex think about opening 100 per cent fixed telephony to foreign investment? and also, what does it think of the limitations imposed by the authorities on the acquisition of cable TV companies, in Wi-Max, among other?

  26. What do you think about the conditions imposed by the Federal Competition Commission, on Televisa so that it may buy cable companies? and regarding Telmex, are you considering entering an alliance with Televisa for the content also?

  27. Could Telmex be ready for Tripleplay if it already carries data through its network?

  28. What activities will IDEAL be performing?

  29. Which are your telecommunications projects?

  30. What are your plans for COMPUSA and what is your opinion about this investment?


  31. What do you think about the México’s situation in the immediate and medium term future?

  32. Exactly what would you ask the Congress of the Union to consider in this tax reform in order to grow and generate jobs?

  33. What do you think about the banks’ showing very big profits in their financial statements? And, what do you think about the value of companies in the Mexican Stock Exchange in 2006?

  34. What Foundations do you have?

  35. Which are the most important achievements of the Fundación Carlos Slim, A.C. and the Telmex Foundation?

  36. ¿Qué apoyos se están dando o se darán en Latinoamérica?

  37. What is the ALAS Project?

  38. In philanthropy, are you considering doing something similar to what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have done?

  39. What do you think about democracy?

  40. What happens when democracy does not respect what comes before democracy?


  41. What is the importance of the generation bonus, which occurs when the productive population is bigger in order to leave behind lack of growth? How do you think it can be better used?

  42. What is your opinion on the large amounts of informal workers that leave the education system, called lost generations, between 15 and 40 years old and what are their options?

  43. What is the solution for Mexico to grow and develop?

  44. What do you think about big public institutions?

  45. If security were your responsibility, what would you do?

  46. What do you think of free trade?

  47. What is your legacy to your sons?

  48. How do you feel as the richest man in a world with 50 million of poor people?

  49. What is success for Carlos Slim?

  50. What should we do in Mexico, not to have all the money that you have, but rather for the Mexican people to have a better quality of life?


  51. Have you prepared teams to follow your path? Or have you considered building a better Mexico or a better Latin America for future generations?

  52. Why haven’t you made incursions in Mexican politics and run as a presidential candidate?


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