México, D. F., February 3, 2010.

The Carlos Slim Foundation is jointly working with UNICEF in supporting Haiti emergency crisis alleviation and then to uphold reconstruction.

The Carlos Slim Foundation thanks the solidarity of Mexicans that did contribute 32,819,990 Mexican pesos through TELMEX, TELCEL and BANCO INBURSA cash registers up to January 31. As previously pledged, the Carlos Slim Foundation contributed an equal amount to accumulate 65,639,980 Mexican pesos (about 5 million dollars). The sum will be allotted for Haiti’s earthquake victims.

Received contributions distributed as follow:

  • TELMEX did receive 20,972, 900 pesos through 84,595 phone calls.
  • TELCEL did receive 7,945,100 pesos through 35,294 text messages.
  • BANCO INBURSA did receive 3,901,990 pesos through cash deposits. The bank account is still open for additional cash deposits.

This sum adds to previous 13.8 in-kind aid tons by Grupo Carso firms, being sent to Haiti through the Mexican Navy Force: 5 rice tons, 5 beans tons, 2.6 vegetable oil tons, 840 nutritional candy kilos, 4 drinking-water plants, 4 power plants and 6 satellite-phone equipments. Likewise, Grupo Carso firms established in Dominican Republic sent tents, bedclothes, 34 satellite phones, 1,000 cell phones and three mobile cells. A 30-members technical team was also sent to help in both wired and not-wired communication reinstalling.

TELMEX and TELCEL contribution collection lasted up until January 31. INBURSA account is still opened for additional contributions from solidary Mexicans.                        



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