38. In philanthropy, are you considering doing something similar to what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have done?

I said it from the beginning, I believe that businessmen, due to their experience, vocation, talents, etcetera, etcetera, are individuals that should participate in solving problems; doing more than giving.  Then the concept is do and solve more, than give.

I believe it is fine that Gates did it.  That is good and above all that he will now be engaged full time in this job.  That is wonderful because he will not only give support, but will be thinking on how to solve malaria, aids, nutrition problems, which is what we do.  The issue is not to give, but rather to do and to solve.

Warren Buffet’s approach is also very interesting, as he will be donating a very significant amount in 20 years, I believe it’s 20 years, right?  One point five billion a year.  I believe it is interesting from different points of view.  First, he leaves in the hands of the people who will manage his things, the responsibility to be highly profitable if they want to continue managing something important.  Because, if they are inefficient, at the end, they will manage nothing.  And number two, because of the regulations in the United States.

Then, I would say that when businessmen of some age or at any time engage in studying society’s problems, they are going to collaborate a lot.  I believe that what is absurd is to bequeath in your will than when you die a big museum should be built or a foundation should be created, and these things will be managed by people who do not have the slightest idea of how to solve problems.

Now, regarding amounts, there is a problem with foundations here in Mexico, namely, Mexican foundations cannot donate outside of Mexico.  Therefore the strength of Mexican foundations until the law is amended will be to do things for Mexico.  We shall do things outside Mexico, in Latin America with other means; we are already doing it differently.

Previously foundations post mortem decreed the construction of a museum, such as the Getty Foundation.  Getty was a very clear person.  When you read things, you know how he thought, what he did, etcetera; he was very clear as to what and how things had to be done, he had a great instinct.  You can see and interview in Play Boy in 65 that later on was turned into a book.  But I do not understand that when he dies he leaves everything to a museum.

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