Eng. Carlos Slim, along with Alex Rodriguez, baseball player of the New York Yankees, visited the new "Sports Center Ciudad Jardin TELMEX Bicentenario", the biggest sports center in Mexico located in the old waste dump of the Bordo de Xochiaca, in Nezahualcóyotl.
November 30, 2008.

Invited by Eng. Slim to visit this broad sports center, which will receive approximately 6 thousand visitors during weekends, Alex Rodriguez, third base player of the New York Yankees, offered a baseball class to 170 members of a child league and expressed: "it is really a pleasure for me to talk about the this ball game, the importance of sports to maintain children out of the streets, drugs and harmful things of life".

Winner of the 2007-2008 "best baseball player award" of the Major League Baseball, Alex Rodriguez commended the new sports center as well as the fact that Carlos Slim contributed with the necessary resources to build this center; he looked really astonished with the facilities and he explained to all his little fans that when he was a child he didn’t have the opportunity to practice baseball in so amazing field.

The sport center Ciudad Jardin TELMEX Bicentenariois built on what was known as the Bordo de Xochiaca city dump, at the east of Mexico City in the municipality known as Netzahualcoyotl in a site of about 600 thousand square meters. This huge project is considered an environmental rescue.



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