48. How do you feel as the richest man in a world with 50 million of poor people?

This is no competition for me and much less in this kind of categories.  I will take nothing with me when I die and much less this kind of ranking.  When I die I will take nothing with me, the creation of wealth and the attempt to distribute its revenues will stay here. I am convinced that economic, social, education, and malnutrition marginalization are obstacles in the development path of the country Asides from fighting these problems due to ethical and moral conviction, we have to also understand that it is an economic need to try to develop it.  We have to incorporate all of these marginalized people to the economy and modernity society.

From my position as a businessman I have always felt deep responsibility towards my country and have thus acted.  Grupo Carso's philosophy, that I have applied in each and everyone of the companies that form the group, includes a series of efficiency, austerity, honesty, modernization, reinvestment of profits and development among other principles, trying to always render the best service possible, promote job creation and strengthen the internal market.  This can only be the result of a growing inclusive economy, for the benefit of society and the country.

Mi challenge is to improve health conditions, education and generate jobs.

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