The Carlos Slim Foundation will make an additional donation of 90M Pesos to extend the operation of this Unit up to December, aiming to continue supporting the return of the new economic and social normality
México City, October 12 2020.

Up to date, the Temporary COVID-19 Unit in the Citibanamex Center has helped to freeing 30,000 days/bed of hospital attention, and 1,839 days/bed of Intensive Care (IC). With 202 admissions in the IC unit, this facility is the one having attended the largest number of serious patients in the Mexico City Metropolitan Zone (MCMZ).

The Unit has admitted 2,836 patients, and 2,566 of them have been released. Out of all patients attended in the 542 hospital beds and the 32 IC beds in the unit, 48.7% are women and 51.3% are men.

With a hospital releasing rate of 97% thanks to improvement and healing, the Temporary Unit is now consolidated as one of the main attention facilities for the MCMZ population.

Initially, the Temporary COVID-19 Unit started activities by receiving patients under recovery. On June, it launched its anticipated hospitalization program, with the opening of Triages or Assessment Modules where, up to date, 4,800 individuals have been evaluated and attended. These modules are placed near hospitals and Health Centers, covering 14 municipalities in Mexico City and the Naucalpan municipality in the State of Mexico.

During its operation, the unit has consulted 1,759 of its own workers, and distributed 331,497 meal services for staff and patients.

Additionally, the medical and support personnel working in the unit has received 5,450 training sessions on biosafety measures, right use of medical equipment, and infection control measures, among others. They also received 630,473 protective items, such as masks, face protectors, goggles and surgical gowns.

The Temporary COVID-19 Unit initiative in the Citibanamex Center, which is operated by the Secretariat of Health of Mexico City, and where the UNAM – through the School of Medicine – is in charge of the technical, medical and hospital decisions, with the collaboration of the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition (Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán), and the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias) (INER), has been promoted by CIE.

This project has been sponsored by the Carlos Slim, Telmex Telcel and Inbursa foundations, together with Walmart, Bimbo, Barcel, the Sertull Foundation, Citibanamex, the Alfredo Harp Helú Foundation, Coppel, The Coca Cola Foundation, Coca Cola FEMSA, CODERE, HSBC, Takeda, and Grupo Infra.

For the installation and operation of the Temporary COVID-19 Unit, 17 companies and foundations contributed with MX$641.3M, plus interests accrued, out of which 50% were provided by the Carlos Slim, TELMEX Telcel and Inbursa foundations. These resources have been enough to maintain the Unit operation for six months.

Now, aiming to support the return to the new economic and social normality, the Carlos Slim Foundation will donate another MX$90M, to extend the operation of the Temporary COVID-19 Unit up to December.

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