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The economy of the world is undergoing one of the most difficult times in many decades. A focus on domestic economy, development banking, investment on infrastructure, education and above all, employment included in the National Agreement for Family Welfare and Employment, are the main strengths that as a nation we should promote.  Since Grupo Carso was founded 44 years ago, the principles of efficiency, competitiveness, investment and social commitment have been and will continue to be a fundamental part of our responsibilities and convictions, especially during times of crisis such as the one we are currently going through. As we have publicly emphasized since the beginning of 2009, our activity in the entrepreneurial and  social spheres will continue with greater intensity, therefore we inform of the most important contributions, investments and actions for this year in Mexico.

Group Investment Program for 2009 $29,280,000,000.00
Creation of new direct jobs in 2009 34,885
Total direct jobs in 2009 in Mexico 209,483
Total Mexican suppliers (80% of which are Pymes) 37,590
Taxes generated and retained in 2008 $117,162,000,000.00
Contributions to social security in 2008 $7,931,000,000.00

Investment in 2009: $7,900,000,000.00
Health and Education Beneficiary Families in 2009: 399,045

and many more through sports and cultural activities, social bonds, natural disaster relief, environmental support and social financing.

AMANECE (Maternal and Newborn Care, Growth and Early Stimulation)
Actions to reduce mother-child mortality and attention of early health problems.
2009 will see the attention of 32,000 pregnant women and their newborn children and 108,000 activities to prevent birth defects.

It is planned to have 120,000 surgeries performed in towns lacking social security, providing instruments, materials and travel expenses in conjunction with the Health Department and the National Surgery Academy. 

Healthy Home
Reduction of up to 80% indoor pollution and 70% of firewood burning in five states of the country in benefit of 11,500 people in 2009.

Health scholarships
1,240 current scholarships in 2009.

Carlos Slim Health Awards
2 awards of $100,000 USD each for lifetime achievement and for outstanding Latin American institution.

Health Watch
In 2009 there will be a network of almost 300 researchers from 80 institutions of 18 countries in Latin America to generate and promote better practices in Health Systems.

Donation for the infrastructure and equipment of the new infectology labs of the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition.

Healthy Longevity
Model for the attention of chronic illnesses with technological, medical and education solutions in benefit of 29,700 people in 2009

Take It To Heart
Scientific materials for training and promotion of early breast cancer detection, achieving 65,000 media hits during this year.

Telecommunications for Health
Internet and cell and fixed telephony solutions in conjunction with the most successful advancements in medicine and telemetry for monitoring and health prevention actions, reaching 780,000 communications interactions in 2009.

Casalud (Health House)
Design and counseling for a new model of attention at public clinics. 32 Casalud clinics in coordination with 9 state governments in 2009 that can serve 10,000 people each one and provide 24,000 consultations.

Health education communications
Elaboration of 17 Carso Healthcare Manuals, from birth to old age.

Genomic Public Health
Research for the discovery of the genes that cause 10 types of cancer around the world, diabetes in Mexicans and chronic kidney illness is being considered for development jointly with Eric Lander, of the Broad Institute (MIT-Harvard University and the Mexican National Institute of Genomic Medicine).

Organ and Tissue Transplant
Support for 625 transplants in 2009.
Promotion of an organ donor culture with 43 million donor cards issued up to date.
Incentive agreements with 13 states in the country for the promotion of organ donation and transplants in 2009.

Central American Public Health Initiative
Planning phase of the initiative for the Central American region with the following objectives:

  • Erradicate malaria and control dengue fever.
  • Basic Nutrition.
  • Vaccination program.
  • Mother-Child Health.
  • In addition, human resources will be reinforced through the creation of the Central American Institute of Public Health.

Alas Foundation
Commitment to the promotion of the health and education of children 0 to 6 years of age with 1,650 million pesos in Latin America.

Cash aid and donations since its foundation.


Education and Early Stimulation
Program and training workshops for teachers and parents and elaboration of manuals and materials for public and private institutions serving children from 1 to 4 years of age. 1,060 people will be trained in 2009.

Digital Education
Telmex Houses for more than 10,000 children
Telmex Backpack: current donation of  80,000 computers.
Carlos Slim Foundation Digital Scholarship for Grupo Carso employees with children currently studying: 23,767 households in 2009.
Promotion of the creation of virtual libraries throughout the country.
Support for universal access to broadband Internet service (Infinitum) with the purpose of providing broadband Internet service for at least 2 of every 3 Mexicans in three years.

See To Learn
            22,000 eye glasses in 2009.

Help Me Get There
36,500 bicycles in 2009, in support of children who have to walk for more than one hour to get to school.

Telmex Higher Education Scholarships
In 2009: 16,000 (half a minimum wage, computer and Infinitum connection).

Human development program for the benefit of 37,056 people in 2009.


Ciudad Jardín Neza Bicentenario
A 600,000 m2 free public sports center with 54 fields, 2 gymnasiums, bicycle track, olympic stadium and amusement park.
Telmex Cup
12,000 teams in 2009. (2007 and 2008 Guinness Record for the world’s biggest soccer tournament)

Support for International Sports Events
7 sports events in 2009 (Diving World Series, México-Telmex Cycling Tour, World Sports Congress, Baseball World Classic, Caribbean Baseball Series, among others).

Wrestling Shows
100 wrestling matches, in public places. Free access.

Telmex Ring
19 professional and amateur boxers with a grant in 2009.

Raúl Barreda School
43 high performance athletes supported in 2009.

Telmex Nájera Basketball League
45,000 players in 2009.

National School Games
22,000 schools and 3 million kids in 2009.

Olympic support
4 scholarships for Mexican Olympic medal winners from 2008 to 2012.

Telmex Racing Team
Support for Mexican drivers, international events in Mexico and car racing promotion. During 2009 the following has been obtained: 2nd place at the Daytona 24 hours and the current leading position. In GP2 (threshold of Grand Prix racing), the Telmex Racing Team has the youngest driver in history to win 3 consecutive podiums (2 first places and 1 second place) in this serial.


Soumaya Museum
Estimate of 315,000 visitors in 2009. Free Access.
Estimate of 451,000 visitors in 2009 at Plaza de San Francisco. Free Access.
New Soumaya museum.
2010 Opening.

Carso Mexican History Studies Center
Approximately 80,000 volumes
1,000 file collections.
Support for several cultural activities:
15 scholarships in 2009 for students at the Bachelor level.

Support for the promotion of Conaculta cultural activities
Promotion of events in the mass media.
Bring culture closer to wherever people are.
Provide more spaces, more options and greater frequency for cultural activities.
Making culture accessible.
Culture for everyone, close and everyday.
Includes concerts, mobile libraries, artist caravans, open air movies at public squares, artistic awareness of the community, attention for the 100 poorest municipalities and the 300 communities with the highest violence indexes.

First Hispanic American Contest of Illustrated Book and Narrative for children and young people: “Inventions”
Collaboration with Nostra Ediciones and the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico. Each winner will be awarded $10,000 USD.


9,000 social bonds in 2009.

All towns suffering from a natural disaster are provided with humanitarian aid, drinking water plants and land, air and maritime transportation sent to the area..


Ciudad Neza
Environmental rescue project that transformed land fills into a sports center, a shopping mall, a low cost hospital, a university and a Telmex House.
Catch of 5 million liters of water per year. 350,000 m2 of green areas (equivalent to the total area of the Coyoacán ecological park.
Reduction of over 93,000 tons of CO2 per year equivalent to 37 million trips by cars that travel for 50 kilometers.

World Wild Fund Alliance and Carlos Slim Foundation
Developing a Mexican agenda that identifies six priority regions for preservation (revitalizing and restoration): the California Gulf, the Chihuahua Desert, the Central American Reef, the Monarch Butterfly Region, the Lacandona Jungle and el Triunfo. Also included are many projects in support and promotion of social policies.

Mario Molina Foundation
Support for studies being carried out by this Foundation on the environment and energy, led by Mexican Mario Molina (1995 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner). 

Botanical Garden
The Carlos Slim Foundation will develop a botanical garden south of Mexico City with free access to the public.


We are continuing our activities for revitalizing the Historical Downtown area of Mexico City, activities we started in August 2001 with the Historical Downtown Foundation.

Agreement with the World Monument Fund
A current 2 million dollar fund was created; one provided by the World Monument Fund and the other by the Historical Downtown Foundation in support of the Historical Downtown area restoration.

Three projects for 2009:
Restoration of the Conde de Jaba House.
Conversion of the Bamer Hotel back into apartments.
Plaza Capuchinas (cineplex, parking lots, shops, hotel and departments).


Micro credits
Association with the Grameen Bank headed by Professor Yunus (2006 Peace Nobel Prize Winner) for boosting jobs through micro credits in Mexico.

Clinton Global Initiative
Social and economic projects whose objective is to provide the right environment for the creation of sustainable jobs and the generation of wealth by focusing on subjects such as public health, access to finances and education for promotion of entrepreneurial initiative.


105 institutions in 2009.

A significant part of our entrepreneurial and social activities are aimed at the formation and development of physical capital (infrastructure) and human capital (health and education to promote digital culture). We also promote employment, culture, sports, social justice, the preservation of biodiversity, the environment and the artistic memory that provides our identity. We believe that our entrepreneurial activities and those of our foundations contribute to making our nation stronger and better prepared for insertion into this new civilization providing welfare for its population.


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