26. What do you think about the conditions imposed by the Federal Competition Commission, on Televisa so that it may buy cable companies? and regarding Telmex, are you considering entering an alliance with Televisa for the content also?

The investment made in Televisa is an entirely financial operation that has even been reduced.  Therefore it has no corporate factor, no corporate reason, and no corporate element, similar to what could be established with Cablevisión.  It has been reduced.

Regarding the third question on contents, I do not think it is a matter of alliances.  I believe that Telmex's idea is to be a content distributor.  Its intention is to give its customers whatever they want, at the time and when they want it. Telmex’s idea is not to exclude content, to have as much content as possible and if Televisa is one of the most important Spanish producing content companies, undoubtedly we are very much interest in it.  Our customers are going to be interested in having Televisa's and Azteca's content just like everybody else’s content, just like other companies’ content.

The important thing here is that there are going to be more customers, with a more diverse content choice, of schedules, quality, some free of charge, others for a fee, available for our clientele; a video clientele that has been small until recently.  I believe cable has been around for more than forty years, and I believe it has approximately four million customers.

But well, there are 25 million households.  The presence of restricted TV is very low and very big of open TV.  Almost all the households have coverage.

I am leading to having more homes covered with better voice, video and data services.

We are going to provide this service when we are authorized and the network is ready.  We are going to invite customers to this service.  Now, the interesting thing is that cable companies started to do this two years ago.

The important thing here is that customers have more diverse options.  I believe that the ideal thing would be to have three or four groups.  One of them is Televisa; another is Axtel with Avatel and whatever cable companies come in later.  How many cable TV broadcasters are there?  There are many; I believe 6000.  Well, so let them get together to also create several options, two or three cable options.

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