42. What is your opinion on the large amounts of informal workers that leave the education system, called lost generations, between 15 and 40 years old and what are their options?

There problems were generated because there were not enough jobs and there was no economic growth that could take in so many people that need work.  It is better for them to be part of the informal economy than be part of the criminal groups.  Unfortunately, and this is another problem, informal trade is managed with corrupt systems and they sell stolen, contraband and pirate goods.  Therefore, this is socially unwanted, and that is why the rule of law is so important.

It would not be such a serious problem if the goods sold were produced in the country, because two things should have to happen:  first, they should not sell stolen, smuggled or pirate goods, and second they would have to work in an orderly and regulated manner.

We go to other countries and we also see peddlers, except that they do not take the streets.   This is a problem that goes back to colonial times.  That is the reason Porfirio Diaz as well as Uruchurtu built markets. Markets or areas where they can work, even in the downtown area have to be created.  Perhaps some streets could be devoted to this during the weekends and there could even be pedestrian streets without traffic, but they would have to be orderly and sell domestic goods.

A large part of the population can represent an opportunity, but at the same time, this becomes an important social, political and safety program if they are not offered a job.

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