41. What is the importance of the generation bonus, which occurs when the productive population is bigger in order to leave behind lack of growth? How do you think it can be better used?

Education is a midlle and higher education and no longer a primary education problem,.  It is essential to expand our education capacity first, and of course, if this population can get a job, then it becomes a tremendous bonus.  However if it is unemployed, it becomes a problem if it has nowhere to go.  It could be a delicate problem if we do not grow with jobs.

But if the population, as I was telling you is growing arithmetically, and actually the pyramid is becoming a rhombus and there are many people old enough to work that have to be educated, that have to receive as much higher education as possible and that should have a job.

This is happening a lot in China. They had to stop having children, - remember? – they could only have one child.  They also have a large working age population, because in many years, this will become a problem there, lack of population, as it happened in Europe.

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