40. What happens when democracy does not respect what comes before democracy?

Rightly so, in democracy you need education, the thoughts of those in power have to be known by the public.

Now they say that voice, since: vox populi - vox dei, I do not know who said it, but that is what democracy is.  Whether we are convinced or not, does it think like us or not, what the majority of the population thinks has to be respected and the ruler should govern not for the people that elected him, but for the entire society.

I say that we have to educate with freedom and responsibility, for people to be free and responsible, live in conviviality, to produce and create and that school education should be oriented to students so that they continue to learn throughout their entire life.

I believe that if society is more educated, is educated, its judgment will have to find the best solutions.  Also, we should not think that power has to be exercised and that the population will think exactly like we do or that the ruler should do what we think should be done; that is a true fact of life.  I believe that it has to be respected, as we should respect religious ideas, I believe that the lay should also be respected.  We believe in a space shared and it is difficult to rule.  A friend says that the art of governing is a space shared with different identities, plurality of ideas and conflicts of interests and well that is what society is.

We have to find ways to solve this.  How is this done? Well, first in a rule of law democratic state, where we settle our disagreements with laws, arbitrages, and etcetera.

I believe that the democratic Nation-State is undoubtedly the best political and civilized social convivial alternative.

Now, when people lived in an agricultural society, there was a feudal lord who had no education, and socially could not be moved.  He only engaged in producing and working, as the case may be, he became the raw material for wars or conquests, turned them into slaves.  If we think about the nineteen and prior centuries, people were born and died in the same place, in the same village, which was a little bigger in that bigger place.  Printing was a wonderful discovery.  I believe it was not more effective because society only learned to read in the nineteen century but in the eighteen century it did not know how to read, and therefore Edicts and the reading of the Edicts was born.

But I have no doubts that the best political organization is democracy and I believe that it was  one of the great breakthroughs at the end of the twentieth century because the truth is that the twentieth century political, social and economic systems experiments; those experiments made with society and the confrontation that caused world wars and the destruction and the lack of freedom in big countries, was terrible.

Experiments were made with people, with society, with political and economic projects and one of them is communism that had so many countries under its rule without freedom and there under the population could not choose as it pleased. Well, I believe that for things to work better there has to be training and education.

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