Mr. Carlos Slim participated in the Global Markets Discovery Series Forum México, organized by the Business Journal in Phoenix, Arizona.
April 22, 2015.

During the Global Markets Discovery Series dedicated to Mexico, Mr. Carlos Slim sustained that in today's knowledge society countries should have highly trained human capital, meaning more educated and healthier citizens, with better growth opportunities.

The Forum gathered over 500 business leaders who shared opinions and experiences about trade relations between Arizona and Mexico. On this topic, Mr. Slim stated that one should look beyond traditional industries, like maquiladoras, because there are important economic opportunities ahead. He pointed at some investment opportunities where it is possible to join forces in the health, education and entertainment sectors.

During his speech, Mr. Slim spoke about the evolution of societies, from the agricultural and industrial societies until today's knowledge society. He highlighted that while the industrial society offered greater opportunities for education, research and productivity, "sophisticated machines and technology also brought about new problems, like less employment".

Mr. Slim expressed what he believes are the solutions that will help face the challenges of the new civilization:


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