Cristina Fernández, President of Argentina, attended Soumaya Museum in Plaza Carso for the second time today
May, 29, 2011, Mexico City

Cristina Fernández, President of Argentina, did attend Soumaya Museum for the second time today. Mr. Carlos Slim accompanied, welcomed and thanked her.

After visiting Soumaya Museum, Mr. Slim gave her and her team an honor dinner.

President Fernández said: “I thank Mr. Slim invitation to share with you this dinner in this magnificent place by its architecture and content.” About the artwork on exhibition, she said: “It is a gesture standing for businessmen social responsibility, to which they are called for.”

Many Mexican businessmen and social personalities did attend.    

Mr. Carlos Slim’s speech during Mrs. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s attendance to Soumaya Museum in Plaza Carso, May 29, 2011

We are honored in receiving Mrs. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, President of the Republic of Argentina.

We are honored in welcoming her, her delegation and all of you here at the Soumaya Museum.

Since we started to invest in Argentina, our experience has been very positive there. We have run through hard times, when Argentina’s Gross Domestic Product plummeted about 15% after many years falling down. Domestic consume also fell a lot. Then Mr. Nestor Kirchner came to the presidency.

We did experience such a pessimistic, hard times period from which Argentina did emerge thanks to Mr. Kirchner government, and now, with Mrs. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in charge, we are seeing that Argentina is growing at an enviable pace.

Since 2004, Argentina’s product and people’s income haves been growing at very high rates, while domestic market has doubled itself at least. Since we started to invest there, Argentina’s transformation has been amazing.
Nowadays, Argentina is a full-development country with sizable income levels, a huge domestic product and a big consumer power.

In investing in Argentina and working together with several administrations, we have been lucky and successful. We are optimistic in attesting Mrs. President Fernández de Kirchner’s effort for transforming her own country. I am equally optimistic regarding many other Latin America countries’ ability to overcoming underdevelopment and entering into full development.

As my son has told, we should go over from the crisis generation to the opportunities one. Opportunities in Latin American countries are already big. Agriculture output, commercial opening, oil and mining investment, big water projects, hydroelectric potential and high educational level qualify Argentina as a promising land for investment. Thanks to recent governments’ efforts, Argentina’s educational level, human capital, health and consume power are outstanding in Latin America.

So, we are very honored and pleased in receiving you, Mrs. President, welcome all of you.



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