34. What Foundations do you have?

The oldest one is Centro de Estudios de Historia de México Condumex (The Condumex Center for the Study of Mexican History).  Then the Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, A.C. that is approximately 23 years old, and the Telmex Foundation that has taken up some of Carso’s functions.  Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, A.C. has basically engaged in cultural activities, specially at Museo Soumaya and the Mexico City Historical Center Foundation that is a small foundation created to supplement all issues related to the Historical Center.

These are some of the Condumex Center for the Study of Mexican History figures:  it has close to one thousand collections of documents.  Each collection safeguards a series of historical documents. All together they include more than 2 million original manuscripts plus the private archives that have been rescued on microfilm or digital media, like those from the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cathedral in Morelia and several other documents.

There are copies of these documents at the Center.  The most outstanding documents and books have also been reproduced.  We should highlight that there are of course, special and rare books.  There are approximately 80 thousand titles.  We shall give you copy of all this.  The library from the viceroyalty period is outstanding, one of the finest, it has 18 sixteen century Mexican publications.  We shall give you this information.

The Museo Soumaya is part of the Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, A.C. and also the Condumex Center for the Study of the Mexican History programs that is also part of Carso. I think the name should be changed to a combined name.

I would also like to tell you that Museo Soumaya opened its doors to the public in December 94.  Obviously the collection was older and will continue to be in its location, but a new museum will be opened.

This Museum includes the Rodin's sculptures currently exhibited in several places; there are European masters, old New Spain masters, Mesoamerican art, medals and bills, popular art, dresses, oil paintings, etcetera, etcetera, photograph files among other collections and equally relevant pieces. The Museum works with schools that go there to study and in a playful manner enjoy the exhibition.

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