35. Which are the most important achievements of the Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, A.C. and the Telmex Foundation?

At present, Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, A.C. spreads to Latin America the philanthropic projects that have worked in México and also for the Telmex Foundation.  One of them is the “Equal Start in Life”.  The Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, A.C. is also committed to fight poverty in this area.  Fundación Carlos Slim Helú's equity is close to 4 billion dollars and Telmex Foundation’s equity is more than 1.5 billion dollars.

As I mentioned previously, Telmex Foundation was created more than ten years ago, and it adopted some of the programs Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, A.C. had been doing in the country.

Thus, Telmex Foundation continued to help vulnerable groups of the population by implementing programs in education, health, nutrition, justice, culture, human development and sports throughout the country.

Some of Telmex Foundation’s achievements are:  more than 214 thousand five hundred off-site surgeries, more than 5 thousand organ and tissue transplants, more than 2 thousand 370 specialized medical equipment as part of the program “Equal Start in Life”, more than 6 million 247 thousand 500 one kilo bags of Nutritious Sweet, more than 164 thousand 700 scholarships, more than 100 thousand 400 bicycles donated as part of the Help Me to Get There Program, more than 54 thousand Social Bonds, more than 90 thousand 200 participating teams of the Telmex Cup soccer tournament and more than 27 thousand 479 tons of humanitarian support of the Natural Disasters Support program.

It is important to state that these are Telmex Foundation’s nationwide programs, that their managing group is numerically small, but that works as a true support network and that the resources allocation is efficiently done


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