36. What is or will be the support given to Latin America?

Our activities in Latin America, are fewer as they are just incipient and starting.  We are going to create a Carso Health Institute.  Here we are going to decentralize a little bit the health functions that we currently perform and will do more research to find some solutions to health problems, and from the technological and also operative standpoint, we are also going to develop and improve the solutions we already have.

We will more generally apply the existing solutions and in other regions, and will disseminate them regionally and throughout the country.  We are also going to work on health engineering.  And we are also going to work more in order to inform, disseminate, monitor and assess the performance of the funds allocated to health, starting with pregnant mothers up to adults’ health.

We shall also prepare health maintenance manuals.  They will be simple, clear and explanatory manuals like an automobile manual.  We are going to make general, maintenance and specific diseases manuals.  We have already made and distributed close to 400 thousand of the latter manuals during the past 15 years.  However, the idea is to disseminate them further.

We are also going to create Sports and Education Institutes.  Therefore, we are now considering these three institutes and we are also supporting environmental and energy activities and we want to give additional support to the Centro Mario Molina and to some of the other environmental institutions, besides what we can do ourselves.

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