INBURSA Financial Group turns 50.
November 30, 2015. Mexico City.

The ceremony celebrating INBURSA’s half a century history in Mexico was held at the Soumaya Museum.

Since its foundation in 1965, INBURSA has provided support to business expansion in Mexico through investments and financing of important projects. The Group has helped several companies to continue operating in the context of complex financial situations, including small and medium sized enterprises. Today, the Group’s array of financial services includes savings, investment, loans and insurance products. Together these are an important security and well-being factor for more than 11.5 million clients and almost 250 thousand corporations.

INBURSA offers its financial products through one of Mexico’s largest commercial networks comprised of more than 19 thousand advisers who offer personalized attention to their clients, with the support of an integrated, unique and solid structure backed by 9,200 employees.

INBURSA has a network of over one thousand subsidiary branches and sales points; 3,500 ATMs of its property and in alliance with other partners; nearly 15 thousand bank correspondents to handle deposits and withdrawals, as well as dedicated cashiers located throughout the chain of Wal-Mart convenience stores in Mexico. This makes INBURSA the leader in financial services, with the best service and presence across Mexico.

INBURSA Financial Group is currently the strongest financial institution. INBURSA’s Bank has a market capitalization index of 19.4%, the highest amongst Mexican banks with an outstanding position worldwide, doubling the Basel III requirements. Furthermore, its low outcome/income ratio ranks INBURSA as the most efficient financial institution, with the highest percentage of credits in relation to total assets. The institution is responsible of the largest percentage of transactions performed outside its branches.

INBURSA is one of Mexico’s most experienced and historically solvent financial groups. During these past 50 years, it has never changed ownership and has never needed support or emergency aid from the government in times of crises.

During the ceremony held at the Soumaya Museum, Mr. Marco Antonio Slim Domit, CEO of INBURSA, underlined that “success achieved after these 50 years has been the result of dedication, talent and effort of many thousands of people who share the culture, vision and values of Mr. Carlos Slim… we have turned a small company into a large conglomerate without losing the advantages of a small company… we have carefully maintained our fundamentals but have also been wary not to limit our future development. We have never resigned to our quest to attain new goals, always acting with a sense of urgency and with the conviction that everything can be improved. We compete, innovate and work with passion to optimize and make our services more efficient.”

Mr. Carlos Slim Helu stated “INBURSA has managed to anticipate changes during these 50 years. The Group has been very active, even during financial crises, reinventing itself permanently”.

A list of distinguished personalities attended the ceremony, including Dr. Agustín Carstens, Governor of the Bank of Mexico, and Dr. Fernando Aportela, Mexico’s Under Secretary of Finance.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, INBURSA Financial Group underlined its commitment to continue trusting and growing with Mexico, thus contributing to improve the well being of its clients, the growth of its corporate partners and the development of the country.


INBURSA Financial Group is one of the world’s most solid financial institutions due to its capital structure and cash reserves. Since its foundation in 1965, INBURSA has always tried to offer its clients innovative, varied and adequate financial solutions. Today, the Group provides services to over 11.5 million clients, offering integrated financial services through its team of 19 thousand advisers and a network of subsidiary branches spread nationwide.

Mr. Carlos Slim Helu addresses the ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of INBURSA Financial Group.

Speech by Mr. Marco Antonio Slim Domit, CEO of INBURSA Financial Group during the ceremony celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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