UNITED BY HAITI informs to the public that thanks to generous contributions from 120,236 persons in help for Haiti through TELMEX, TELCEL, and INBURSA, the collected sum did amount to $37’218,170.00 pesos. This sum was doubled by Carlos Slim Foundation to amounting 74’436,340.00 pesos.

In communication with the Haitian Government, through both its President and Ambassador, the following aid actions for the Haitian people in the name of México were accorded:

  1. On request of the Haitian Government trough its Ambassador to México, we have acquired and sent the following ware:
    • 2,000 wheel-chairs
    • 8,000 shovels for United Nations employment program
    • 2,000 pickaxes for United Nations employment program
    • 600 water-tanks for storing drinking water in camps (total capacity: 870,000 liters)
    • 5,000 camp tents for give lodging to 60,000 people
  2. We are ready to build up a school building and a hospital once the government assigns us the grounds. We have provisionally planned that these buildings also serve as shelters in hurricane season.

  3. The 2’278,752.00 pesos amount previously collected by the pop concert “Un corazón musical por Haití” and doubled by Carlos Slim Foundation to amounting 4’557,504.00 pesos, will be allotted to building up ANOTHER SCHOOL BUILDING in this country.

  4. Besides Carlos Slim Foundation doubled the amount collected, will be allotted to building up TWO SCHOOL BUILDINGS and ONE HOSPITAL that will be named “México”.

These actions have been coordinated with UNICEF.

Likewise, during the first step of the EMERGENCE period, TELMEX and TELCEL did sent to Haiti 21 tons of food, 4 drinking-water plants, 4 power plants, 40 satellite-phone equipments, 1,000 cell phones and 3 mobile cells. A team of 30 engineers and technicians was deployed to reestablishing telecom services in that country.

We thank Mexican solidarity.


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