Joining forces in the fight against COVID-19, the Carlos Slim Foundation, the TELMEX Telcel Foundation, and the Inbursa Foundation, donated One Billion Pesos in different health initiatives to assist people, specially to strengthen actions conducted by medical staff in over Mexican 30 hospitals.
Mexico City, June 8, 2020.

As of May 31, resources have been used as follows:

Medical Equipment, donation of MX$92’910,276:

103,777 testing supplies

Protective equipment for healthcare workers, donation of MX$99’528,031:
Over 838,200 supplies:

Extension of hospital capacity, donation of MX$192,105,478:
Equipment and protective items for over 571 beds dedicated to the attention of COVID-19 patients:

Food services for medical workers, donation for MX$24,322,137:

Temporary COVID-19 Unit in the Citibanamex Center, donation of MX$603’542,299*

* The donation is split among medical equipment, protective equipment for healthcare workers, and expansion of the hospital bed capacity.

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