Public Education Secretariat and Carlos Slim Foundation Present Train for Work Diplomas to Graduates in Information Technology.
5 September, 2016. Mexico City

During a ceremony held at the Soumaya Museum, Public Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño Mayer and Mr. Carlos Slim Helú presented diplomas to 20 students with the best grade averages of the first class of graduates in Information Technology studies from the Train for Work platform on

During this ceremony, it was revealed that thanks to the alliance between the Carlos Slim Foundation, the Khan Academy, and Telcel, students, teachers, parents, and the general public were able to consult the content of Khan Academy in Spanish and to download its applications, and that Telcel users were able to navigate on this platform without using up their data.

The work carried out by the Carlos Slim Foundation for 30 years on education, culture, health, and job issues is offered through App-prende, which is available on free of charge.

Khan Academy in Spanish is an online platform that has revolutionized access to learning for people all around the world, enabling them to study at their own pace and in a fun, personalized manner.

"Just over four years ago we signed an agreement with Salman Khan and the Khan Academy, and since then we have made all of the platform's content widely available in Spanish. Today, more than two million people have studied at the Khan Academy in Spanish, most of whom are in Mexico, while more than 700,000 people have taken Train for Work courses. I would like to thank Salman for his interest in furthering people's education throughout these years," Mr. Carlos Slim declared.

"As you all know, the most important tools that we need in this 21st century are knowledge and information, which is why education has become more important than ever as a means to multiply one's options and to gain access to better opportunities in life. Furthermore, education enables us to achieve happiness. I wish to thank the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Khan Academy for their commitment and efforts to offer options, opportunities, and happiness to the Mexican people," declared Public Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño.

The Khan Academy offers videos, exercises, guidebooks, and a learning panel that makes it easier for teachers and parents to track the performance of their students and children. Four years after its alliance with the Carlos Slim Foundation was forged, the academy currently offers more than 5,000 video classes and more than 105,000 exercises translated into Spanish, as well as more than 2,915,000 registered unique users and more than 11,526,000 lessons given in 219 different countries.

With a presence on all five continents, Train for Work includes 86 different courses with more than 1,496,000 people of all ages enrolled, more than 34,000 candidates, and thousands of graduates, most of whom are young people between the ages of 18 and 29. The diplomas presented at this ceremony are the first to be awarded with official recognition and validation from Mexico's Public Education Secretariat.


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