Mr. Carlos Slim Helú took part in the 15th Edition of the Mexico Business Summit, which in 2017 addressed the topic: Defining Mexico's options.
October 22-24, San Luis Potosí, SLP

During his conference, with the title "Perspective of a Business Leader: What are the Options for Mexico's Future?" Mr. Slim declared the following:

- What are the options for Mexico's future? I would like to affirm, to insist, that the options are the same as those that we laid out 12 years ago in the Chapultepec Agreement.

- It was called the Chapultepec Agreement because it was signed in Chapultepec Castle, and I believe that it is just as valid today as it was then. In order to seek the best options one must be clear about the objectives, as well as the instruments, of course; and only by clearly outlining the objectives it is possible to establish a well-defined course.

- The five points that summarized the nation's objectives in that Agreement were: Rule of Law and Public Security; Development with Justice, Economic Growth, and Job Creation; Formation and Development of Human and Social Capital; Development of Physical Capital, and Reforms to the Public Administration to Improve its Effectiveness, Transparency, and to Place it at the Service of Citizens.

- It would be highly desirable to review the country's social programs and determine how they can become a direct income, in the form of a salary that a homemaker – the lady of the house, for example – can decide how to manage at will.


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