22. For example, what are the new technologies that are being studied for rural telephony?

That is what I was saying previously, technologies should not be blocked.  If there is a technology, regardless which one it is, everybody should be allowed to enter.

For example, what happens here is that in China there are many rural areas, with an approximate 800 million Chinese and they are trying to develop equipment, and with those millions in India and China, that are so big, they become economies of scale; equipment and technologies can be produced and their price can be decreased significantly.

Then, what we are using here is a technology in a frequency that was not being considered, but that has been developed in China and allows us to be more efficient in 450 megahertz because more scattered and broader areas are included.

We are going to continue developing this service and as that Chinese equipment and technology evolves, we will continue covering all areas and services.

That is why I was saying that one of our future objectives was more broadband, more market share, universalization of the service and allow the entire world to have access to broadband.

For example, we have worked very hard, well, talked more than worked because we have not worked at all, with Negroponte for the famous 100-dollar computer he already has.  It is a laptop and the idea is to disseminate it especially in rural schools, and he says that will probably happen in the summer, and we were able to hear from him that he was going to place one million computers in every country.  There are small and very poor countries and also small countries that cannot buy so many.  Then supposedly they will start breaking it down, I do not know if next year, but the dissemination is going to be permanent. (no se puede completar la idea de “breakdown” porque no se si se refiere a la distribución entre países, o a reducir y hacer más entregas de menos computadoras cada vez del número asignado a un país determinado)

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