The Hispanic Society of America awarded Carlos Slim Foundation the “Sorolla Medal” by its arts and culture support
October 6th, 2011, New York, NY.

Mrs. Soumaya Slim de Romero, Mr. Carlos Slim’s daugther and Soumaya’s Museum executive, did receive the “Sorolla Medal” from the Hispanic Society of America in a ceremony in New York City.

After receiving the medal, Mrs. Soumaya Slim said that the museum she runs opened in 1994 in Mexico City and is named Soumaya’s Museum after her own mother Soumaya Domit Gemayel. It has more than 66,000 art works.

The new Soumaya´s Museum building was inaugurated past March and it has many Pre-Hispanic, traditional Mexican and contemporary art works.

The Hispanic Society of America promotes Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Philippines art since 1924 and periodically awards the “Sorolla Medal” to institutions and persons who contributes and promotes Hispanic arts and literature.

Since its inauguration about 17 years ago, the Soumaya’s Museum collects, investigates, preserves and divulges art works from Mexico and Europe, mainly, and it addresses the Mexican public. The Soumaya’s Museum is sponsored by Carlos Slim Foundation.



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