México City, July 23rd, 2008.

With the donation of 100,000 computers to more than 1,400 middle level public schools (junior high) in practically the whole country, TELMEX strengthens its project in favor of the incorporation of more Mexican children to the use of new technologies in their daily educative activities.

Engineer Carlos Slim Helú announced today the donation of this equipment during an event in CASA TELMEX Centro Histórico, in which Dr. Craig Barret, President of the Intel Council, also participated.

The donated computers have the Intel Classmate PC design, a personal mobile device, specifically built to improve and enhance the learning experience of junior high students, and will be supported by a solid educative work on information technologies by TELMEX, which includes counseling, technical support, training and connectivity.

In this act, Engineer Carlos Slim Helú acknowledged Intel for its contribution in the last 40 years to the technological development of this new civilization.  He asserted that Carlos Slim and Telmex Foundations work on many fields and collaborate with the government and other institutions to eliminate the major points of backwardness of our country and seek that the technology breach turns into a bridge that allows developing countries to rapidly take part of the modernity and technology for the welfare of their inhabitants.

Engineer Slim Helú specified that the agreement with Intel allows working with more confidence in the labor that these Foundations have been doing.  He informed of the acquisition, as a start, of 100,000 lap top computers for children and the intention to generalize this project to benefit students and teachers.  To the above, it must be added the connectivity efforts and the delivery of computers that, for the last several years, these foundations have done with the support of the companies of the Group.  He announced that as part of the educative project that TELMEX and the foundations are launching, they are planning the construction of approximately 150 TELMEX houses across the country.

On the other hand, Dr. Barret asserted that: “Technology is the main gate to progress and provides today’s young people with the tools that allow them to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in the 21st century.  At granting Mexico’s new generations with access to technology, TELMEX is setting an example for other corporations in the world at contributing for long term competitiveness in its own country”.

This wide equipping program, with the most advanced digital technology tools, will allow the beneficiary youngsters to insert themselves in the Knowledge Society, in benefit of Mexico’s development.  TELMEX confirms today its commitment to continue widening the digital inclusion process of more and more Mexican children.

CASA TELMEX is the most ambitious educative project of the company and seeks strengthening the formation of children and youngsters, providing for that purpose, free access to technology in one place, to acquire useful knowledge with quick application, in order to increase their possibilities to achieve better conditions and quality of life in the short and long term.  In CASA TELMEX, children and youngsters will find, among other options, the most appropriate space for the use and training in these new equipments.

Intel-powered classmate PCs provide children with a PC real performance through a friendly design, excellent for rough use.  The Intel-powered Classmate PCs include practical features education-oriented to improve the learning experience for students, parents, teachers and schools.  Additionally, Intel is also working with the local ecosystem to provide detailed solutions for users, in other words, collaborates with software suppliers, operative systems, content creators, educative services, etc.

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