On October 30, 2019, the Carlos III University of Madrid decorated Mr. Carlos Slim Helú with the Medal of Honor. Madrid. Spain.

Mr. Carlos Slim Helú received the Medal of Honor, highest decoration awarded by the Carlos III University of Madrid, to individuals making relevant contributions to the society development.

During the ceremony, Dr. Juan Romo, Rector of the Carlos III University of Madrid stated that, “it is an honor to give the Medal of Honor to Mr. Carlos Slim, an exceptional person, admirable worker and entrepreneur; innovator and a good man.”

He explained that this award intertwines efforts of this Maximum House of Studies in its quest for excellence, with the exceptional, remarkable trajectory of Mr. Slim.

At receiving the decoration, the Honorary Life Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Carso Group, expressed that the merit is shared by more than 200,000 people working hard in the Group’s businesses, interested and focused on making things change, but essentially in making them better every day.


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