Carlos Slim Foundation, Frisco Mining Company and the Government of Chihuahua have donated 10,000 bicycles for the benefit of schoolboys living far from school, plus 8,000 bedcovers for poor people in Sierra of Chihuahua. The donation is part of “Ayúdame a llegar” program.

March 5, 2012. Morelos, Chih.

A first bicycles lot was delivered this morning to the authorities of Chihuahua in the municipality of Morelos as part of Carlos Slim Foundation and Minera Frisco “Ayúdame a llegar 2012” program.

That donation is aimed to both benefit and stimulate poor boys living far from school.

The event was presided by César Duarte Jáquez, governor of Chihuahua, and Sergio Cruz Castillo, major of Morelos, among other personalities.

Through actions like this, Carlos Slim Foundation and Minera Frisco support education, healthcare, nutrition, justice, human development, sports, and natural-disaster relief.

“Ayúdame a llegar” program is aimed to support schoolboys living far from schools. Many of them have to walk about two hours while carrying the weight of books and utensils, often under adverse weather conditions.

In delivering that bicycles lot, this day has been a special one for Carlos Slim Foundation and Minera Frisco. This donation has been supported by the government of Chihuahua through its “Peso a peso” program, so affirming its commitment to children and boys education.

César Duarte Jáquez, governor of Chihuahua, thanked Carlos Slim Foundation’s support for Chihuahua’s education.

In this way, Carlos Slim Foundation and Minera Frisco support life-quality programs in both urban and rural zones, so confirming its social commitment to both the state and inhabitants of Chihuahua.

Carlos Slim Foundation has delivered aid to Chihuahua as follows:

5,740 School grants
14,547 Bicycles (“Ayúdame a llegar” program)
18,196 Extramural surgeries
832,000 kg Nutritional candy
83 Specialized medical equipments (“Amanece” program)
1,319 bail (minor faults)

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