4. What do you think is the basis for the success of your companies?

Grupo Carso’s principles: simple structures, organizations with minimal hierarchies, personal development and internal training for executives.  Flexibility and quick decision-making; operate with small company advantages, those that make great companies grow large; also maintain austerity in good times instead of expanding, restructuring, creating corporate companies, etc.; companies grow stronger if they are austere, capitalize revenues, accelerate development and avoid bitter adjustments that also impact the morale of personnel in times of crisis.

We were always active in modernization, growth, training, quality and trying to simplify and continuously improve the production processes; increase productivity and competitiveness; reduce costs and expenses by using global benchmarks. Then, not letting the company be limited by the owner or manager, nor be a big fish in a small pond and minimize investment in non-productive assets.

I have to say that today, Grupo Carso does not have a corporate building, although we are planning to build one.  This is Grupo Inbursa's building and I think it is four years old, but Grupo Carso does not have its own building because as they were basically industrial companies, the offices were and are at the factories.   Now, for the first time we are about  to have a company building because Carso has evolved into a more service-oriented corporation, starting from commercial services that are part of the construction industry and also perform several other activities.

We are also confident that there is no challenge we cannot meet if we work together, with clear objectives and knowing the tools we have at our disposal; money that leaves the company evaporates.  That is why we reinvest profits.

The entrepreneurial creativity and business experience does not only apply to business but also to the solution of problems.  The entrepreneur is constantly confronted by resource management, facing problems, finding solutions, innovating, etc.

Firm and patient optimism always yields its rewards; this is also one of my father’s principles.  All times are good times for those who know how to work and have the tools to do so; this is also from my father. What I learned is to always bear in mind that we leave with nothing, that we can only do things while alive (así está en los principios en los otros documentos) and that we must be efficient, careful and responsible in the managing our wealth to create more, and we believe that wealth has to be managed efficiently to generate more wealth and distribute, not wealth itself but its revenues, distribute the revenues which are the fruit of wealth, is the return of wealth.

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