24. Is Telmex going to do something  about the delay in enforcing the Convergence Agreement?

The due date was December 18.  The authorities were probably working very hard to obtain the best results.  I understand that they have to work only on one or two more issues in order to finish the portability issue.  It has already passed Cofemer. We are already working very hard. But the fundamental investments cannot be made until they define the specific requirements needed to have portability.  Then this delay affects all the process.

The second issue is the interconnection.  They should have approved a framework of reference.  However Telmex did not wait.  It has already entered interconnection agreements with more than nine cities or concessionaires with Cablemas and it is now negotiating with other Cablevision concessionaries to be ready for interconnection.

The possible compensation issue derived from the amendment of the concession title to which some of you referred to a few minutes ago, has been going back and forth among the authorities.  Cofetel is once again giving a detailed analysis to the Secretary of the Treasury through its De-incorporation Comisión to prove that no payment is due and to prove to it that it is possible to amend the concession title.

By their nature, concession titles may be amended, especially when the authority granting them and the concessionaries agree to it.

But they are really very late.  Perhaps you could invite Cofetel to hurry because to the extent that Cofetel hurries, we will all be able to both have portability as well as convergence.  Anyway interconnection is already happening.

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