Carlos Slim received the Vasco de Quiroga Award, for promoting business opportunities in Mexico.
June 30, 2023, Mexico City.

Last night, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce (Cámara Española de Comercio) (Camescom) in Mexico City, granted the Vasco de Quiroga Award to the Mexican engineer Carlos Slim, who outlined the business opportunities arising from the relocation of supply chains in Mexico, better known as nearshoring, in the context of strengthening bilateral trade relations.

“The Mexican magnate was awarded for his work and contribution to strengthening relations between both countries, Mexico and Spain,” explained the Camescom President, José Luis Bonet.

“Mr. Slim is one of the most relevant business personalities worldwide. We admire him for his vision, his commitment and his significant contributions, not only in the economic and business fields, but also in the social and philanthropic ones,” Bonet added.

Carlos Slim pointed out that a large number of companies can be established in Mexico, as a part of the relocation phenomenon, or nearshoring in English. And emphasized, “I’d want to insist, seize the opportunity, Mexico has a significant business offer in front of the China-US trade conflict.”


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