The ITU recognized the Carlos Slim Foundation and America Móvil for their technological innovation in health care
June 6, 2022, Mexico City

The International Telecommunications Unit (ITU) granted to America Móvil the World Summit Award on the Information Society (WSIS), for the development and implementation, jointly with the Carlos Slim Foundation, of two applications for the population monitoring, prevention, tracking and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WSIS Award, granted to the FCS Monitor in the E-health category, recognizes that, thanks to the application, it has been possible to take care of and monitor the health of collaborators of America Móvil, the Carso Group, the Carlos Slim Foundation and other companies, and their families.

Mr. Carlos Slim Helú received the award from the UTI Secretary General, Houlin Zhao, during its participation as Co-Chair of the Unit’s Broadband Commission, before the plenary of commissioners and the Rwanda President, Paul Kagame, who conducted the Annual Spring Meeting of the organism, entitled, “Fostering the inclusive digital transformation”, at Kigali.

The Honorary and Life President of América Móvil, emphasized that one of the Group’s priorities is protecting the health and well-being of its employees. And this is the reason why the Monitor FCS platform was developed, with nearly 500,000 people registered, generating over 50 million symptoms reports that were analyzed to determine if any person was exposed to risks, or if it was necessary to make an early isolation of potential contacts, thus maintaining safe workplaces and taking care of each collaborator.

Mr. Slim Helú added that the platform, developed by Arturo Elias Slim, helped preventing around 85,000 infections, and implementing efficient work protocols to make significant risk reduction. As a result, the infection rate among employees of América Móvil and other Carso Group companies was considerably lower than the local and national averages.

“Monitor FCS is a good example of how technology can help to improve health and people care,” conclude the also ITU Co-Chair of the Unit’s Broadband Commission

By mid-march, 2020, facing the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and in less than two weeks, América Móvil, in coordination with the Carlos Slim Foundation and Claro Shop, a company of the Carso Group, developed the digital platform Monitor FCS. This is a mobile and web application that allows real-time, individual monitoring of the health status of employees and their families, facilitating a transparent, reliable and automated flow of information that is used for their benefit.

Through Monitor FCS, the health condition of employees, their families and collaborators of América Móvil and Carso Group in Latin America, and of the public in general, has been tracked in real-time on a daily basis with the COVID-19MX application.

This tool enabled the detection of over 21,000 cases, triggering immediate actions such as isolation, contacts tracing and other prevention and control measures, under the COVID-Carso Protocol in the Group’s companies, helping to prevent over 85,000 infections, 7,000 hospitalizations and nearly 3,000 deaths.

The application has built artificial intelligence models in to detect probable COVID-19 cases as well as simplified health condition reporting processes. It is also integrated to labor health management platforms such as MIDO, enabling determining and following-up chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension, and to “Mi Salud Integral” app, which supports the adoption of healthy habits.

As a fundamental part, the application complies with all privacy protocols, ensuring that all information is secure.

Simultaneously, through América Móvil and its Claro and Telcel subsidiaries, agreements were made with health authorities of different countries in Latin America, promoting the development of other applications similar to Monitor FCS, such as COVID-19MX, aiming to collaborate with prevention, containment and care actions for the general population to face the sanitary emergency. This way, health authorities could make a better identification of the infection chains.

The WSIS award granted by the ITU recognizes the contribution of América Móvil and the Carlos Slim Foundation, to develop mobile applications bringing health services near people, wherever they are, facilitating the diagnosis, medical care and epidemiological monitoring of the disease.

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