12. Based on its Concession Title, may Telmex carry video in its network?

Here is the interesting part since Telmex would not provide video because it does not send images; it sends data, because Telmex carries data and not video in its network.

Perhaps videos were done in the 80s of 90s.  What happens is that Telmex takes an image, turns it into data, and then there is a little device at the client’s house that converts that data into images.

In my opinion and in the opinion of many lawyers, Telmex is working with data and not video, which means that the concession itself is debatable in that it does have some kind of prohibition to send data.

In any transmission line, fiber optic, etcetera, today it is an image that turns into data, is carried as data and the customer with a little device turns it into images.

I imagine that convergence was not clear, although a lot had been said about it, the technological development was mentioned, and we even heard about a telecommunications and not a telephony company

Telephony is phones, it is voice, I already knew that data was very important and that technological development was coming very fast.

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