15. Were employees trained after the privatization and during the modernization of Telmex?

Modernization was very important.  Therefore a program was prepared together with the union and the workers, to try to detect the areas that had too many workers after Telmex was modernized, and with the commitment of not reducing their number, analyzed what areas lacked and what areas had excessive personnel, in order to train employees in the new activities.

What followed was a very important training program.  We have to boast that besides in-house training, today our employees have approximately 15 years and not 5.5 of school education.

This program was also very well accepted because there were three workers that performed very closely related functions; therefore they were trained so that one single person could carry out the three functions and the salaries were compacted at a higher tier.  The outcome of this was that the other two individuals performing the other functions not only received their salary or the corresponding increases to their function, but were also promoted to a higher salary tier.

It was a very thorough training and upgrading program that brought about a major change in three years.  Of course this method was followed subsequently. 

This takes us to 94, 95 where Telmex as a policy … you will understand, that when a company starts with a dividend policy, it is extremely negative for it to lower dividends or even to freeze them.

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