Forbes Magazine ranks Carlos Slim Foundation as Mexico's most charitable business foundation.

January 22, 2015.


Forbes Magazine classified Carlos Slim Foundation as the most charitable business foundation in Mexico, as published in the results of its First Report on Philanthropic Companies in Mexico, containing information about 38 private sector charities benefiting over 86 million people.

The Report ranks Carlos Slim Foundation in the first place, highlighting its efforts to support 30 million people and 500 foundations.

The Report aims to raise the attention of a larger number of organizations capable of joining the current efforts of companies and civil society associations. The first edition of this Forbes report measures:

Created in 1986 to provide high impact programs focused on the most vulnerable segments of society, the Carlos Slim Foundation supports initiatives in the following sectors: education, employment, health, nutrition, social justice, culture, human development, natural disaster relief, economic development, environmental protection and conservation. Its programs contribute to improve the quality of life of persons in all age groups, fostering human capital development and providing opportunities for the integral growth of individuals and their communities in Mexico and Latin America.

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