Fundación Inbursa Installation
Address by Mr. Marco Antonio Slim Domit, President of the Administration Board of Grupo Financiero Inbursa.
September 7th, 2009.

Infanta Doña Cristina

Don Jaime Lanaspa

Don Isidro Fainé

Mr. Carlos Slim

Honorable Guests:

All of the human activities involve social responsibility, specially those activities concerned to the financial sector because of their impact on the economic development of countries.

We are acquainted of it since Grupo Financiero Inbursa was founded by Mr. Carlos Slim in 1965. We are aware of how our concern daily acts on many persons lives, business and, of course, on our own country.

Besides the direct jobs it sustains through its financial, saving and insurance services, Inbursa matters for more than 6 million 800 thousand customers’s life quality.

By managing bank deposits, investment funds, and pensions, Inbursa contributes to its customers capital increasing, so instilling them confidence, coolness, and a better future.

Our insurance services customers rely on Inbursa’s secure backing for their most critical moments: death, illness, theft, accident, and fire, so covering them, their relatives, and their hardly-attained goods.

By extending personal credit, Inbursa makes possible for many families to be in possession of a house and of many other goods, so backing them in accruing their family estate.

Inbursa’s trade credit backs commercial firms growth, so fostering their investment deed to create more and better jobs.

It should be stressed that during the ongoing interval of restricted global financing and receding banking activity, Inbursa, besides having undertook the opening of more than 300 branches, it has doubled its commercial credit emission, amounting to 156,000 million pesos during the last 18 months. This figure includes a growth rate of more than 800 credits for small and medium-size firms each month.

The strategic partnership that Inbursa undertook with La Caixa of Barcelona in 2008 has been inspired by the financial scope and, above all, the values and principles both institutions do share. Both of we profess a mutual interest in contributing to social well-being, as our relevant separate activities for the improvement of the poorest do attest for.

La Caixa’s social work stands for such a commitment. Its president, Don Isidro Fainé, is highly respected not only because of his own entrepreneurial cleverness, but also due to his intense, effective and fully-engaged work for the betterment of the others.

We share such a social commitment, mainly through Fundación Carlos Slim and Fundación Telmex, both of them being created, presided and encouraged by Mr. Carlos Slim, who brings into play his awareness and allegiance to discern social problems and to find workable solutions for them.

It is out of this shared certitude and commitment that we proudly announce today the creation of Fundación Inbursa, an institution fully devoted to improving health, education, justice, employment and culture, the critical subjects for both current and future social well-being.

Fundación Inbursa stands for an added component of the social activities chain we have linked together since the inception of Fundación Carlos Slim more than twenty years ago.

I want to stress that we feel highly honored by the attendance to this meeting of Her Highness, Infanta Doña Cristina, who presides over La Caixa Foundation’s international cooperation area, and whose dedication has benefited many countries.

We in Inbursa are fully aware of our own commitment to Mexico, to the Mexican society and to our own customers. It is in this temper that, from now on, Fundación Inbursa starts to operate and to persevere in improving many more people lives.



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