Dr. Mercedes Juan, Mexico’s Secretary of Health, presented an award to the Carlos Slim Foundation recognizing its commitment and achievements in organ and tissue donation and transplants.
Mexico City, October 2, 2015.

In the context of the National Day for Tissue and Organ Donation and Transplants, Dr. Mercedes Juan, Mexico’s Health Secretary, presided over a commemorative event in the Nanahuatzin Auditorium of the National Rehabilitation Center “Luis Guillermo Ibarra Ibarra. On the occasion, Dr. Juan presented an award to the Carlos Slim Foundation in recognition to its sustained commitment and achievements in organ and tissue donations and transplants in Mexico.

Mr. Ricardo Mújica, Executive Director of the Carlos Slim Foundation, spoke about the Foundation’s efforts to develop and implement strategies to foster a culture of tissue and organ donation among the population, highlighting the impact achieved by its “Life Heroes” campaign.

As a result of the Foundation’s support, 8,197 transplants have been performed mainly of kidney, cornea, liver and heart. These transplants are the outcome of a partnership among the State governments and the network of National Health Institute and General Hospitals.

During the event, Mr. Mújica stated: “it is fundamental for us to work with other institutions so as to foster, modernize and promote a culture of organ donation and transplants in Mexico. This is why we are always seeking to join efforts to improve the life quality of those persons whose life horizon wholly depends on the generosity of a donor”.

On behalf of the Carlos Slim Foundation, Ricardo Mújica confirmed to Dr. Mercedes Juan his commitment to continue striving in partnership with the Federal Secretariat of Health to promote a culture for donations. He further stated his will to continue providing support to increase the quantity and quality of transplants, with the needed transparency when handling the organs.

The award ceremony was also attended by Dr. Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa, Mayor of Mexico City, Dr. Armando Ahued Ortega, Health Secretary in the Government of Mexico City and Dr. Salvador Aburto, Director of CENATRA.

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