Mr. Carlos Slim was recognized at the 4th Edition of the Ibero-American Patron of the Arts Awards, organized by the Callia Foundation, for his social commitment to the arts.
26 February 2018. Madrid, Spain.

Baroness Thyssen and Mr. Carlos Slim Helú were both granted the patronage award at the fourth edition of the Ibero-American Patron of the Arts Awards, promoted by the Callia Foundation, in recognition of their contributions to the conservation, promotion, and dissemination of Ibero-America's artistic talent and heritage.

According to Carmen Reviriego, chairwoman of the Callia Foundation and promoter of these awards: "With the 4th Ibero-American Patronage Awards we have successfully revalued the role played by patrons of the arts, which is now more relevant than ever. Carlos Slim and Baroness Thyssen are a true example of how their patronage work enables transcendence through art. With their example, they provide inspiration to all of us present at this ceremony and they enhance the value of art as a tool for social transformation."

Carlos Slim declared the following: "Having been recognized with the Ibero-American Patron of the Arts Awards is a real honor. At the Carlos Slim Foundation we seek to make art accessible, ensuring that cultural and artistic heritage is enjoyable to all of society, and the recognition bestowed on me with this Ibero-American Patron of the Arts Award confirms that we are on the right track."

The Ibero-American Patron of the Arts Awards recognized Mr. Carlos Slim's record and social commitment to the arts, as well as his use of the Carlos Slim Foundation to build bridges between culture and society at large. The clearest example of this is the Soumaya Museum, created by the foundation with a vocation to collect, investigate, conserve, divulge, and exhibit the artistic testimonies of Mexico and Europe in a meeting space that encourages reflection and dialogue within the Latin American cultural panorama.


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