The George Washington University President's Medal, the most distinguished academic award, in recognition of his philanthropic and entrepreneurial management.
June 30, 2009, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Carlos Slim received the most distinguished academic award, the President’s Medal from the George Washington University, in recognition of his significant contributions to business and community development in Mexico and Latin America and his extensive philanthropic work through his foundations to improve and invest in education, health, sports, focused in social support and development, justice, employment as well as the fine arts.

The honor was presented during a ceremony held at the GW School of International Affairs. GW President, Steven Knapp, expressed, “Carlos Slim has channeled his remarkable success in business into a passionate commitment to improve lives and future of people in Mexico, Latin America and the world. This honor has been given in the past to successful business leaders, noted philanthropists and dedicated humanitarians. Today we award the President’s Medal to a man who fulfills all of those roles and more”.

Since 1995, Mr. Slim has been President of TELMEX Foundation, one of the largest philanthropic institutions in Latin America, and since 1990 has also been a Board Member of the UNAM Foundation. He recently established the Carso Institute for Health, a nonprofit organization that funds social welfare projects in health, nutrition and the environment. He also leads an initiative to revitalize historic downtown in Mexico City.

His many awards and recognitions include an honor medal from the Commerce Chamber of Mexico, the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement and the Decoration of the Commander Leopold II from the Belgian Government. World Education and Development Fund (2004), New York; Industrialist of the Year (Latin Trade 2003); Alliance Award 2004, from the Free Trade Alliance; Hadrian Award- N.York (2004) from the World Monuments Fund. He also was named the Industrialist of the Decade (Latin Trade 2004); Fashion Group International award for his initiative to revitalize historic downtown Mexico City in 2004; Life Achievement Award by the Mexican World Association Abroad (AMME) in June 2006; Industrialist of Year 2007 by the Mexican Foundation for Health (Funsalud). He was recognized by the Mexican Association of Professionals in Power of Attorney, Bottoms Chapter, Mexico City, in November 2007 as the Mexican industrialist who has destined more resources in life to philanthropic causes, and the Embassy of Lebanon in Mexico awarded him the National Order of the Cedar in Grade of Grand Officer in November 2008. Mr. Slim was also recognized as Man of the Year 2008 by the World Boxing Council (WBC) and received the ESADE Award from ESADE Alumni Barcelona, Spain, in June 2009 for his entrepreneurial accomplishments and social commitment.

Established in 1988, The George Washington University President's Medal is the most distinguished academic award bestowed to distinguished personalities, such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Walter Cronkite, Israeli Prime Minister and Nobel Shimon Peres, among others.


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