Mr. Carlos Slim presented the App-prende digital platform, which offers educational, cultural, and job training content free of charge to teachers, students, parents, and the general public through the website.
15 June, 2016. Mexico City.

Since it was created 30 years ago, in June 1986, the Carlos Slim Foundation has always worked with the conviction that education is an essential tool for economic and social advancement, and for the human development of people, enabling them to release their full potential and granting them access to more and better opportunities.

The Carlos Slim Foundation has developed educational platforms, programs, and initiatives that support the instruction of the population, without any entrance barriers. These tools have now been combined within a new open learning platform offered free of charge, known as App-prende (, which makes modern, world-class educational content in different areas of knowledge available to everyone.

In order to benefit everyone and facilitate their learning and training on mobile or fixed devices, the Carlos Slim Foundation offers the full content of these platforms to active users of the Infinitum broadband and Telcel cellular networks without any charge for data usage.

App-prende includes the main content promoted by the Carlos Slim Foundation in areas such as Training, Education, Health, and Culture, by means of initiatives such as Train for Work, Innovative Teacher, PruebaT (Test Yourself), Khan Academy in Spanish, Academica, Coursera, Udacity, MIT, and Clikisalud. 

• Train for Work
This program offers free online training to people of all ages, with no time limit and no previous studies required, covering a range of professional and technical activities in several different productive sectors. Study plans are designed to meet the highest standards in each sector. Two years after it was launched, this platform already includes 72 courses benefiting 506,634 students from 147 different countries, who have taken a total of 1,102,299 courses.

• Innovative Teacher
A free, online tool aimed at basic education teachers, students, and parents, enabling them to strengthen their knowledge and essential skills with the aim of ensuring that learning is a lifelong activity. It offers exercises to test knowledge in mathematics, science, reading, and reinforcement of teaching skills.

• Khan Academy
This is an online platform that has revolutionized the way in which people everywhere around the world can learn at their own pace, in a fun and personalized manner. It offers videos, exercises, subject guides, and a learning panel enabling teachers and parents to follow up on the progress of their children and students. Four years after the academy's alliance with the Carlos Slim Foundation was signed, there are already 5,278 video classes and 105,300 exercises adapted to Spanish, with 10,060,912 video lessons viewed in 209 different countries.

• Academica
A digital knowledge community, which encourages participation and interaction among students, teachers, and researchers at prestigious institutions of higher education, with the aim of creating, sharing, and exchanging knowledge on a freely accessible basis. Five years after its launch, it has formed alliances with 498 educational institutions both nationally and internationally; it has 208,846 registered users, 448,446 digital contents, and 163 courses.

• Clikisalud
This website offers access to information designed to make it easier to understand healthcare issues and to remain healthy, based on scientific evidence. It includes interactive activities, recommendations, and innovative approaches to topics such as diabetes, nutrition, chronic ailments, health issues of mothers and babies, reproductive and sexual health, addictions, autism, and epilepsy. It receives approximately 2 million visits per year.

Finally, with the aim of making Culture, History, and Knowledge available to everyone, App-prende also includes videos aimed at the general public covering topics such as Universal History, History of Mexico, General Culture, and Art.

The Carlos Slim Foundation invites everyone to gain access to knowledge at App-prende (

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