Mr. Carlos Slim Helu participated as a speaker at the 2015 edition of “Mexico 21st Century”, an event organized by TELMEX Foundation, that once again gathered over 10 thousand scholars from public and private universities from across Mexico in the National Auditorium.
September 4, 2015. Mexico City.

During his speech Mr. Carlos Slim exposed the history of humankind until the arrival of the new paradigms and challenges of our current civilization. He further suggested a set of proposals to find solutions to important problems like unemployment, among others.

He stated that we now live in a third sector society, meaning a service society, based on the wellbeing of others. What Mexico and the world need is “more economic activity, people should be better prepared, we need higher levels of education.”

Mr. Slim concluded his address with the following sentence: “Do not replace your values with temptations. May your will be stronger than your weaknesses”.

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