The secretary of health care, Dr. Mercedes Juan, and Mr. Carlos Slim, did bestow the 2013 Carlos Slim Health Care Awards. Likewise, Carlos Slim Foundation, which got underway in 1986, did state its own accomplishments, and the Carlos Slim Health Institute did celebrate its Sixth Anniversary.
April 11, 2013. Soumaya Museum, Mexico City.

Presentation of Health Actions and Achievements and Delivery of the 2013 Carlos Slim Health Awards.

Tonight at the Soumaya Auditorium of the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City, the actions and achievements on health made by the Carlos Slim Foundation that started in 1986 were presented, and the sixth anniversary of Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud (ICSS, as per initials in Spanish) was celebrated. The ICSS mission is to generate innovative health solutions that can be replicated, are sustainable and help improve living standards of the most vulnerable population of Mexico and Latin America.

Dr. Mercedes Juan López, Federal Secretary of Health, and Engineer Carlos Slim Helú, President of the Carlos Slim Foundation, attended the event amongst other personalities.

The Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud was created six years ago and its objective is to find new and better solutions, with human meaning and innovating spirit, to help solve the main health problems in which the most vulnerable population of Mexico and the other Latin America countries are lagging behind. To date and thanks to the alliances with the public, social and private sectors, these solutions have benefitted more than 3.5 million persons", said Marco Antonio Slim, Chairman of the ICSS Board.

In turn, Roberto Tapia Conyer, Director General of the Carlos Slim Foundation presented assisted by allusive images, a review of activities and the achievements obtained by Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud and Fundación Telmex, that starts with the care of pregnant women and the promotion of the organ donation culture with the campaign "Heroes for Life", up to the support given to research in genomic medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases that affect more the population of Mexico and Latin America (diabetes, cancer and kidney failure).

"The achievements made on health issues make us set new goals focused on generating more solutions and to mainly thus be able to reach the largest possible number of people in Mexico and Latin America, to be consistent and congruent with our theme: "let more people live longer and better"; this was the commitment made by Dr. Tapia Conyer.

As part of the event, Dr. Mercedes Juan, Engineer Carlos Slim and Mr. Marco Antonio Slim were in charge of the sixth award giving ceremony, Carlos Slim en Salud, of US$100,000 each, held in accordance with the Jury's decision, to:

Dr. Gotuzzo, stated: "It is a big honor to receive this important award that intends to strengthen those individuals who permanently work on behalf of health; in my own case, in the research area of the diseases that affect the poorest people in Peru and Latin America."

While Dr. Eric Stobbaerts, director of DNDiLatinAmerica, stated: "We are honored to receive this award from the Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud and we shall allocate this award money to the Chagas disease that requires a coordinated response and concrete actions to control this silent tragedy in America".

These awards constitute a unique effort in Latin America and they are part of the recognition made by ICSS to promote human capital development in the region. In addition to the US$100,000 award in each category, those being recognized receive a diploma and a commemorative statuette.

After the delivery of the Awards, a series of multimedia proposals were presented and through them the attendees were able to know the work carried out by ICSS "from an artistic and different approach".

The last presentation included a video showing the AMANECE model, designed by ICSS to fight mother and child mortality through care networks that include from indigenous midwifes to high specialty hospitals.

When the video recorded in Chiapas ended, during a highly emotional moment, the people that appeared in the video went to the front of the room, and made a presentation of the work done by the Institute and show that it cannot be measured only with numbers, but also by the real people it benefits.

Through these persons Dr. Mercedes Juan spoke about the importance of joining efforts to have a healthier Mexico. She highlighted the excellent collaboration between the Federal Health Secretary and Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud, to develop innovating solutions on issues such as: mothers' health, vaccination, transplants and genomic medicine. In addition, she underscored the alliance between both institutions and the governments of the States on chronic diseases, and that this effort is added to the Federal Government National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Obesity.

At the closure of the event, the guests enjoyed the Museum facilities with an interactive exhibition called "ICSS Experience", and they were able to know, first hand, the innovating technical solutions developed by the Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud.

On the Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud

Nonprofit organization dedicated to generate solutions to help solve the main health problems of the most vulnerable population in Mexico and Latin America. This is achieved through innovative, sustainable and replicable solutions focused on improving the health of people. It establishes alliances with the public, private and social sectors to implement innovative, technological, vanguard models and strengthen human capital.

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